COVID-19 Information

At Montessori School of Tracy, our staff and children’s safety is our highest priority. We have put policies and guidelines in place to prepare for the new school year.


Home preparation:

COVID-19 Information

Name label – Clothes (such as sweaters and jackets), water bottles, lunch containers, etc.

Hygiene masks – Cleaned and ready.

Remind your child to maintain social distance, avoid physical contact of others or others’ possessions, and sanitize hands before each selection of new material from the shelf: hands, mask, & social distance.


School preparation:

All tables/desks, chairs, and display shelves, and learning materials have been cleaned and sanitized. Classroom walls and floors have been cleaned and disinfected. Motion-detecting hand sanitizers have been installed in each classroom and entryways. Disinfectant sprayers (2 or 3) have been positioned in each classroom for teacher use after each small-group lesson at the teacher’s table.

A large disinfectant sprayer has been purchased for daily use on the large outdoor play structure, the outside picnic benches, and the various playing balls.

A disinfection fogger has been purchased for weekend use on the interior of student desks, classrooms, bathrooms, and general school areas.

Arrival for daycare students:
Proceed into the school lobby with face mask, temperature check, and hand sanitizing. “Sign-in” using your cell phone code with our new touchless attendance system.

School arrival procedure:
Drop-off at school is at curb-side from 8:35 – 9:00AM for those children enrolled in the 9AM – 12PM & 9AM- 3pm programs.

Upon entry into the lobby, each child’s temperature is taken by a thermal body temperature scanner camera with hygienic-mask detection. Hand sanitation follows before the child enters into the central part of the school. The children then proceed directly to their classrooms.


Classroom procedure:

Their school-provided plastic pencil holder contains their pencils, a set of colored pencils, an eraser, scissor, glue stick, etc. All items are school-provided with the children’s names on each box. Sharing is not an option.

The Children’s proceed with their usual routine of working on their various morning assignments and activities. Before selecting a material from the shelf, the child must hand-sanitize using the classroom motion-detector hand sanitizer solution. Each child has an assigned table during the work period and lunchtime.

For kindergarten children, language and math lessons occur in the afternoon. The students carried their chairs and books to the small group table sanitized prior to their arrival. Upon leaving the small group lesson, the table is sanitized in preparation for the next group.

Follows the morning academic work period. The remaining children eat in the classroom at their assigned table. Disposable, paper placemats are selected by each student to place at his or her eating space. When lunch is completed, the children dispose of the paper items and place their lunch containers in the classroom’s designated area.

Outside playtime (11:15am – 11:40am) (3:00pm-3:45pm):
The play structure is sanitized in the morning prior to use with a disinfecting solution by the large sprayer.

During the afternoon:
The class presentations are Botany, Zoology, History, on different days of the week. The presentation is with the students at their assigned seats, with the teacher presiding and enriching the experience. The children pursue follow-up activities, which are designed to provide opportunities to practice and extend the lesson.

Dismissal at the end of the school day:
All students prepare for dismissal beginning at 11:45 & 2:45, which requires the student to organize the items to go home, and moving directly to their designated exit area:

Pick-up at School Curb:
Room 1 exits through the lobby and is the 1st group to exit at 11:45 or 2:45
Room 2 exits through the lobby and is the 2nd group to exit at 11:50 or 2:50
Room 3 exits through the lobby and is the 3rd group to exit at 11:55 or 2:55
Room 4 exits through the lobby and is the 4th group to exit at 12:00 or 3:00

Families sign out children with a touchless attendance system.

Dismissal for daycare students:
Proceed into the school lobby with face mask, hand sanitizing. Proceed to the daycare classroom door. Your child will be brought to you. “Sign-out” using your cell phone code with the touchless attendance system.